Since gambling started booming on the internet, the industry made a huge leap and rapidly evolved. However, it’s still a given that the industry is young and the online gambling industry is experiencing a lot of changes.

Legislation around the world, including in the United States, are changing. Technology is advancing resulting in the opening of new sites while existing websites improve their platforms and of course, there are some that will be left behind.

All of this proves that it’s difficult to keep updated with all the happenings, and that’s why you’ll find it hard to search for sites that are reliable and sites that you should avoid. After all, a leading site last year may easily be a broken platform the following year.

This is why we at Adenyo make sure that everything we offer is accurate and recently tested so it may prove to be a useful reference for our readers.

In addition to providing our recommendations, we also explain how we review gambling sites and apps, which you may find in more detail in our What We Offer page. You may refer to this information for now.

What We Offer

Adenyo is a complete guide to all forms of gambling, although we focus on mobile gambling. That means we offer recommendations as well as tips on gambling using mobile devices. So, our content is mostly composed of app recommendations or sites that may be accessed through your mobile devices.

Our team is run by individuals with a high level of experience and knowledge in terms of gambling. We are also committed to providing our readers with up-to-date information in the highest percentage of accuracy possible.

To enumerate our types of content, we offer In-Depth Site and App Reviews; Gambling Guides; Site Rankings; Strategies and Tips; and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to search for the best and most appropriate gambling site for their needs.

This is precisely why we provide our recommendations on different categories. You may find each of our blogs only talking about either casinos, sports betting, horse racing, and more.

Founder of Adenyo

The founder of Adenyo is Randy Bridges. He is an experienced writer as well as a publisher with insider knowledge of gambling of all forms. Randy manages all the content contained in this website, with the help of his team of experienced individuals.

Adenyo’s team of experts consists of individuals with a diverse background of gambling-related topics. You may contact them directly at ayaan@adenyo.com.

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