Data Protection when Betting on Sports Mobile App

Online sports betting via mobile applications is a money-making machine, and it has swiftly grown into a relevant source of revenue for all the states globally. However, this could cause problems for people who want to gamble using their mobile devices.

With that, below are some tips on how to protect your data when you gamble and bet on your fave sports through mobile apps.

1-Make use of two-factor authentication 

2FA is an additional layer of protection that verifies that anyone attempting to access an online account is who they claim to be.

Two-factor authentication is recommended, however, text messages should be avoided. To protect your accounts, use Google Authenticator or SAASPASS. If you rely on text messages, you may become the target of a little attack.

2-Be cautious in answering calls

No government staff will call you and ask for money. Threats of incarceration or requests for personal data such as social security numbers are almost always bogus. Be wary of anyone who calls you and claims to be from the law enforcement or government unit.

3-Don’t forget to protect your mobile device

Protect your phone from physical tampering at all times. If you have an Apple device, enable “find my iPhone” and utilize the option to remotely wipe the device if you lose it.