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Gambling presents a maze of different options, some more reputable than others. If you’re planning on taking part in this popular pastime, then you’ll want to be aware of the common misconceptions out there that could be keeping you from success. While the odds are in your favor to walk away a winner, you’ll want to avoid commonly-held myths below to give yourself the best chance.

Is Gambling against the Law?

In the United States, the law allows for a broad range of gambling activities, as long as they’re all done legally. But what does “legally” mean? This is a common misconception that people have — that gambling is only legal if it’s sanctioned by a government entity. 

It’s Monitored and not Entirely Illegal

The truth is that gambling is regulated by individual states, but it is NOT illegal at the federal level. 

This means that there’s no law against gambling in the United States, so long as you’re not doing it illegally. The only thing that’s against the law is gambling that’s not authorized by a state.